Earning & Savings

August 31st, 2009

EARNING AND SAVING is a story and family meeting based adult/child interaction book designed to introduce money skills to young people. 


The book begins with four financial lesson based stories.  Each story introduces several facets of earning and saving money.  The sessions open with a discussion of what is to be presented, moves into the story and then closes with a  step-by-step walk through of what was learned.


Next the book moves into meeting based discussions of:


Earning – Section 2


 Saving – Section 3


 Follow-Through – Section 4,  and lastly,


 Growing – Section 5.


While not an award winning novel or a fact filled guide to the history of finance, Earning and Saving is an attempt to help parents with a desire to raise financially savvy and responsible children. 


There is an abundance of financially oriented web sites and organizations offering money skills, advice and guidance, Earning and Saving strives to consolidate the available information into an easy to use and understand family based book.



WARNING – this book is not designed for the rich and famous.  It will not tell you what billionaires teach their children about money.  The book does not offer slick, neatly packaged, easy to digest promises of wealth and happiness.  This book addresses the needs of real people facing the ever-so-real problems of raising children in today’s world.


Earning and Saving is offered as a .pdf file download only.  If you’re interested, let me know.  What better investment in your children’s futures can you make?



Be absolutely convinced that this investment will provide tremendous returns throughout your children’s lifetime!

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