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August 31st, 2009





PERSONAL MONEY MANAGEMENT is a Parent/Young Adult participation project book.  Presented in a weekly meeting format the project attempts to introduce young people to the many facets of sound money management.


Beginning with the do’s and don’ts of opening checking and savings accounts, it next moves into the more complex topics of personal goal setting and financial planning.


Personal goal setting is featured as an integral part of the financial planning process – after all you must know what you want before you can save for it.  After the goal setting the project moves into annual financial and saving plans.  Designed to approach earning and saving proactively, the annual plans consolidate each year’s financial and saving goals in an easy to understand and control format.


Finishing the project is a discussion on Establishing a Solid Credit Rating.  This topic of ever increasing importance in today’s credit card world attempts to foster credit savvy young adults.  Stressing planning and sound credit management this topic’s discussion is often criticized as not going far enough.  Possibly this will be the basis for an entire book – Wise Credit Management for Young Adults.


The on-going theme of the project book is creating financially independent and responsible young adults.  While showing proper respect for the abilities and needs of young people the project also asks them to open themselves to the adults around them.  It stresses the need to pass along the valuable, experience based knowledge of adults in a way that does not inhibit the young person’s need to establish personal control over their lives.


PERSONAL MONEY MANAGEMENT FOR YOUNG ADULTS is an approved text in one Southern California school district.  Its weekly meeting format also makes it ideal for both formal and informal home schooling.  Each of the fourteen meetings covers a new and valuable financial topic.


PMM is offered in two forms – a .pdf file download and as a complete project book in loose-leaf binder form.  Drop me a note and I’ll give you purchase details - what better investment in your children’s future can you make?



Be absolutely convinced that this investment will provide tremendous returns throughout your entire lifetime!

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