Money Mgt for Adults

August 31st, 2009

This version of my book Personal Money Management for Young People is re-written and enhanced for adults.  Here are some details:


More discussion and examples of Financial Plans.  My Financial Plans can be viewed and “anti budgets”.  Here’s why.

In all my years dealing with personal and business finances and the related budgets, my conclusion is that only a select few (and certain institutionalized individuals), can hold to a budget.  Enter my living and breathing Financial Plan spreadsheets.  Using the tools I will supply, you can adjust and correct as the real world and life’s little surprises “adjust” your plans.


More in-depth discussion, examples and downloadable tools for Personal Net Worth Planning.  As your Financial Plans change and become more real, enter Net Worth Planning.  Again using spreadsheet tools I will provide, you can project your net worth as it accumulates in future years.  The huge advantage of using a spreadsheet that projects out, say 30 years, is that the decisions considered today are instantly projected into the future, as is their affect on your future net worth.  Now that’s a planning tool!


Discussion forums and blogs.  Have a need, question or decision to make?  Ask an on-line friend.  Need to ask a CPA a question or get a second opinion?  Let me try to help.  Need help with the spreadsheet tools or decisions that affect your future.  Drop me a line.

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